Project 1: My trip to Italy

MY TRIP TO ITALY Hi everyone! My name is Marc and I’m going to talk about my experience in Italy. Our trip started the Monday 5. We met at school at 3 am and we went by bus to Barcelona, there we took a flight at 6.25 am with Bergamo destination. We arrived at Bergamo at 8 am. After that, we travelled by bus again, but this time we went to Sirmione Sur Garda, after visit the city and to have lunch a very big pizza we return to the road to arrive to Verona. We left the bags in the hotel and after that we visited the Arena and Romeo and Juliet's house.
The second day we take a train to go to Venecia, the city where everybody wanted to arrive. There we visited the Rialto's bridge, Saint Mark's square and basilica, and a glass workshop too. I have to say that there I ate the best spaghetti I've ever ate. The last thing that we do in Venecia is go with vaporeto for “el gran canal” After this experience we returned to Verona.
The following day we made the bags and we went to Flor…

My last summer


Hi, my name i Marc and today I’m going to talk about my last summer. Firts of all I'm going to explanin my four weeks in a Tennis cam, secondly I’mgoing to talk about my tree days in Platja d’Aro and finally I’m talk about my august i Banyoles In July I went a Tennis camp. There imet my old Friends who I met when I was playing tennis. In this camp we played for two houers and then we haved breakfast. After this we haved two houres to pay tennis games and football. On the first week of August my family and I went to Platja d’Aro fot three days. On the first day we stayed in a flat bcause we were bery tired. On the second day we went to the beach and we walked on the streets. Ot the third day we prepared to leave for Banyoles. In August I sayed in home playing video games and meeting Friends too. I went for lunch with my grandmother. On the 29th of August we starts football training.
These are my summer holidays.